Pines Alpine UI Library


27+ free Tailwind UI components with Alpine.js & Tailwind CSS

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Details About Pines Alpine UI Library
Key points:
  • Tailwind CSS v3.0+
  • Copy & Paste
  • JavaScript Plugin
  • Open Source
  • Documentation


27+ UI elements and components built on top of Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS to create lightweight and clean websites and web applications.


Pines UI Library offers the following features:

  1. 27+ UI Elements with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js included
  2. 80+ HTML sections and components
  3. One Click Copy & Paste feature
  4. Free to use

Included Elements

Pines is a versatile library consisting of animations, sliders, tooltips, accordions, modals, and various other UI elements. It offers a collection of ready-to-use components that can be easily integrated into any Alpine and Tailwind projects with simple copy and paste functionality.

  1. accordion
  2. alert
  3. badge
  4. banner
  5. breadcrumbs
  6. button
  7. card
  8. checkbox
  9. command
  10. context-menu
  11. copy-to-clipboard
  12. date-picker
  13. dropdown-menu
  14. full-screen-modal
  15. hover-card
  16. image-gallery
  17. menubar
  18. modal
  19. monaco-editor
  20. navigation-menu
  21. pagination
  22. popover
  23. progress
  25. radio-group
  26. range-slider
  27. select
  28. slide-over
  29. switch
  30. table
  31. tabs
  32. text-animation
  33. text-input
  34. textarea
  35. textarea-auto-resize
  36. tooltip
  37. typing-effect
  38. video

Pros and Cons

Pros ✅

  1. If you are willing to pay $15/month you also get access to Tailwind Page Builder and extend Component Library
  2. Pre-built UI elements is working great.
  3. Pre-built UI components if you willing to pay extra
  4. Seamless AlpineJS integration

Cons ⛔️

  1. Image Gallery components is not working properly.

Who is Pines UI Library UI Kit for?

The Pines UI Library offers an outstanding value proposition, especially for individuals who prefer lightweight frameworks like Alpine.js for quicker project delivery and effortless editing capabilities. It empowers developers with a rich set of UI components, enabling them to streamline their workflow and create responsive and dynamic web projects efficiently.

What do people say?

The developers behind the Pines UI library could have chosen to place it behind a paywall, and it's evident that such a decision could have been profitable. However, I deeply admire and respect their choice to make the library publicly accessible to all. It reflects their commitment to the development community and their willingness to contribute to the broader advancement of web development.

Yucel Faruk Sahan / maker of and Landing Page FYI

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