Tailwind Box Shadow Generator


Generate box shadows for Tailwind CSS

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Details About Tailwind Box Shadow Generator
Key points:
  • Code Export
  • Code Editor
  • Unlimited Export

A utility to generate box shadows for Tailwind CSS. Contains a generator, curated list of beautiful box shadows and a Vanilla CSS to Tailwind JIT converter.


A simple and effective online tool for generating CSS box-shadow styles.

Shadow Generation Controrls
  • Easy customization: Generate box-shadow styles instantly
  • User-friendly interface: Simple controls for adjusting shadow properties.
  • Color options: Choose from a variety of shadow colors.
  • Offset Controls: Adjust the horizontal and vertical shadow offsets.
  • Blur radius adjustment: Modify the blur radius for a softer or sharper shadow.
  • Spread radius control: Change the spread radius to expand or contract the shadow.
  • Inset option: Create inner shadows easily.
  • Hex/RGB color picker: Choose shadow colors in your preferred format.


Is the Box Shadows Generator free to use?

Yes, the Box Shadows Generator by Aceternity is completely free to use.

Can I use the generated box-shadow CSS code in Tailwind CSS?

Yes, the generated code is compatible with Tailwind CSS and can be easily integrated.