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10+ React and Vue UI components from Tailwind Labs

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Details About Headless UI
Key points:
  • Tailwind CSS v3.0+
  • Copy & Paste
  • Install via npm

10 UI components in React and Vue from Tailwind Labs


Headless UI: 10+ Unstyled React and Vue UI components for your web applications. Get ahead with free and well-documented Headless UI with npm install, render props, and styling options for different states.


Headless UI offers the following features:

  1. 10+ Vue and React UI components included
  2. Installation via npm
  3. Unstyled components to match with your design
  4. Next.js Integrating documentations included

Included Components

SaaS Blocks include everything from forms, tables, and navigation menu components to more complex elements like chat elements and slideouts.

Application UI

  1. Menu (Dropdown)
  2. Listbox (Select)
  3. Combobox (Autocomplete)
  4. Switch (Toggle)
  5. Disclosure
  6. Dialog (Modal)
  7. Popover
  8. Radio Group
  9. Tabs
  10. Transition

Pros and Cons

Pros ✅

  1. Feels good to use something official in your code
  2. Next.js Integrating notes is a plus for each component
  3. It's Free
  4. Comes with Figma design system
  5. Keyboard navigation support on Menu(Dropdown) component is another gimmick

Cons ⛔️

  1. They could have include more components but it's understandable since they are also offering premium Tailwind UI components

Who is Headless UI for?

Headless UI is the ultimate choice; if you are working on a React or Vue project that requires simple actions, you should go for it. It's also an excellent option for developers and teams considering buying the Tailwind UI library and wanting to try it out.

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