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Discover pre-built Tailwind CSS template library in HTML, React, and Vue frameworks.

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Coleos Tailwind E-Commerce Template

250 pre-made colorful E-Commerce UI components and template library available in Shuffle Editor

Casper Tailwind Template for AI Projects

152 pre-built Tailwind UI components available in Shuffle Editor for AI projects

Template Library

Discover the best Tailwind CSS template libraries and UI kits pre-built with Tailwind CSS

Wind Basics Tailwind Template Library

7 Free Website Template with Astro & Tailwind CSS


58+ handcrafted Tailwind CSS templates for your project

Landingfolio Tailwind Library

20+ Tailwind Templates built with 805+ components

Wicked Tailwind Template Bundle

10+ Tailwind UI Kits & Starter and landing page templates

Tailwind Bundle by Creative Tim

6+ TailwindCSS landing page & dashboard templates

Tailwind UI Kit Templates

30+ TailwindCSS landing page & dashboard templates

Cruip Tailwind Library

15+ pre-built landing page & admin templates built with Tailwind CSS

Tailwind UI Templates

9+ Tailwind CSS Templates built with React and Next.js

Lexington Themes

16+ Tailwind CSS Templates built with AstroJS and Alpine.js

Shuffle Tailwind Library

50+ UI templates with 7,500+ Tailwind CSS components

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