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About Tailkit Component Library


400+ Tailwind CSS React, Vue.js & Alpine.js HTML component libraries to build modern websites. Get ahead with a well-documented Tailkit from Pixelcave team.


Tailkit offers the following features:

  1. 400+ HTML(Alpine.js) and React, Vue.js components included
  2. Included Helper tools;
  3. SVG Icons Library
  4. Button Builder
  5. Color Palette
  6. Comes with a Web App
  7. Marketing UI components
  8. Admin & Dashboard UI components
  9. Include boilerplates called Starter Kits pre-built with the popular frameworks
  10. HTML (Tailwind CSS CDN)
  11. Laravel 10 (Vite, Alpine.js)
  12. React 18 (Vite)
  13. Vue.js 3 (Vite)
  14. Svelte 3* (Vite)
  15. Angular 15* (ng)
  16. Live preview option in another tab
  17. Comes with JIT (Just-in-Time) engine
  18. Lifetime free updates
  19. Email support
  20. Licence options for individuals and teams

Included Components

Tailkit library includes everything from forms, tables, and navigation menu components to more complex elements like chat elements and slideouts.

Application UI

  1. Layouts - Stacked
  2. Layouts - Dark Sidebar
  3. Layouts - Light Sidebar
  4. Alerts
  5. Avatars
  6. Badges
  7. Banners
  8. Breadcrumbs
  9. Buttons
  10. Button Groups
  11. Cards
  12. Cards in Grid
  13. Card Headings
  14. Dividers
  15. Dropdowns
  16. Form Actions
  17. Form Elements
  18. Form Input Groups
  19. Form Radio Groups
  20. Form Switches
  21. List Groups
  22. Media Objects
  23. Modals
  24. Navigation
  25. Page Headings
  26. Pagination
  27. Progress Bars
  28. Statistics
  29. Tables
  30. Tabs
  31. Timeline
  32. Pages - Sign In
  33. Pages - Sign Up
  34. Pages - Password
  35. Pages - Password Reset
  36. Pages - Installation
  37. Pages - Maintenance
  38. Pages - Status
  39. Pages - Errors
  40. Pages - Invoice
  41. Pages - User Profile

Marketing UI

  1. Layouts - Hero Light
  2. Layouts - Hero Dark
  3. Layouts - Hero Brand
  4. Hero
  5. Main Headers
  6. Page Headers
  7. Footers
  8. About
  9. Blog Lists
  10. Blog Posts
  12. Contact
  13. CTA
  14. FAQ
  15. Features
  16. Logos
  17. Image Overlays
  18. Pricing
  19. Statistics
  20. Team
  21. Testimonials
  22. Pages - Home
  23. Pages - Features
  24. Pages - Pricing
  25. Pages - Contact
  26. Pages - About

Pros and Cons

Pros ✅

  1. Pre-built admin and marketing UI screens
  2. Sample code previews of components
  3. You can request additional components.
  4. Comes with Drag & Drop web application
  5. Different license options for individuals and teams
  6. NPM install available for starter templates
  7. Regular Updates ( New color variants that came with Tailwind CSS 3.3 added)

Cons ⛔️

Who is Tailkit for?

Tailkit provide an ideal base for team seeking faster ways to develop web applications and landing pages and works with any JavaScript framework or technology on top of Tailwind CSS.

What do people say?

Tailkit's beautiful and simple to use components have saved me countless hours. They're so well built that I only have to make minor adjustments (if any) whether I'm integrating them in a new or existing project.
Even better, Tailkit provides React and Vue components along with standard HTML code. I 100% recommend Tailkit!
Shannon Clarke


What do I get when I purchase a Tailkit license?

You are getting a license key which you can use to create an account and access the online Tailkit app with all UI components and tools available to use. Through the app, you will also be able to request access to the private GitHub repositories of the templates (a growing collection of marketing and app examples for Laravel and Vue.js projects) if you own an Unlimited or a Team license.

What are the included Starter Kits (bonus content)?

The Starter Kits are preconfigured web app and website boilerplates for various popular tech stacks with Tailwind CSS and Tailkit’s config already integrated, meaning that you can start copying over Tailkit’s UI components/layouts and they’ll work great. They are also available publicly, so you can have a look at them on GitHub before purchasing a license.

Do I have to use the Starter Kits to work with Tailkit?

No, they are optional and we created them to assist people who would like to quickly set up their workflow and don’t want to install it on their own. If you have already setup a Tailwind CSS project on your own, then that’s perfectly fine. You will just have to install the official plugins we are using (if you aren’t using them already) and integrate our custom Tailwind CSS configuration before you can start using the UI components.

What are the included Templates (bonus content)?

They are a growing collection of marketing and app examples which are based on Tailkit’s UI components and are made to help you better understand how you can make them work fluently together. They use custom JavaScript where is needed (eg toggling a sidebar) or to present extra functionality (eg charts). They are currently offered in 2 versions (Laravel and Vue.js) and are available for Unlimited and Team licenses.

Are you using JavaScript in your UI components?

We don't use JavaScript in most UI components, so they could be used and integrated in any JavaScript or backend framework. For those which require JavaScript, we provide React, Vue.js and Alpine.js code snippets that work out of box with each respective technology. The default HTML snippets include inline comments to assist you with the classes you need to toggle if you would like to use your own JavaScript. Furthermore, all UI components which do not require JavaScript, come with React and Vue.js snippets in addition to the default HTML ones for easier integration with each technology.

I’m not familiar with Tailwind CSS. Can I use Tailkit's UI Components?

Yes! Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs. It’s styling with CSS but instead of writing styles, you only use classes in your HTML markup. Using Tailkit alongside is a perfect fit and a great starting point for learning purposes as well if you are not familiar.

What do you mean by lifetime free updates?

For the lifetime of the project, you will continue to receive free updates without any additional cost. Don’t worry, if you check out our previous projects, you will see that we have a great history of supporting and updating them. We are already working on new UI components as you are reading this.

What email support includes and how long does it take to get an answer?

We can assist you with anything related to using Tailkit’s web app, putting together the UI components or trying to use the included Starter Kits and Templates. We can’t provide design customizations but might be able to help you in some cases where something doesn't work the way it should and you need some guidance. We always try to reply in less than 24hrs to all emails on business days (Monday-Friday) except if we are taking some time off. In reality, you should hear from us really fast in most cases!

Do you have a refund policy?

If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can request a refund up to 3 days after your purchase date and we will process it as soon as possible, no questions asked.

Can I request new features or submit possible bugs?

Absolutely, we would love to get your feedback and will do our best to fix any possible issues in future updates. Also, we very much appreciate any feature suggestions. We can’t make any promises but based on the feedback we receive, we will know where to focus our efforts.

I'm building a site builder, can I use Tailkit?

Unfortunately no because the license doesn't support such usage but we might be able to work something out through a collaboration in some cases. Feel free to get in touch and let us know where and how you would like to use Tailkit.

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