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About Catalyst Component Library

Catalyst is a modern application UI kit built with Tailwind CSS, Headless UI and React, designed and built by the Tailwind CSS team.

Included Components

  1. SelectAlert
  2. Avatar
  3. Badge
  4. Button
  5. Checkbox
  6. Dialog
  7. Dropdown
  8. Fieldset
  9. Input
  10. Listbox
  11. Pagination
  12. Radio button
  13. Select
  14. Switch
  15. Table
  16. Text
  17. Textarea


Our templates are thoughtfully crafted with the latest and greatest versions of the tools we love so that they are easy to maintain, and fun to actually work on.

  1. Tailwind CSS v3.4
  2. React v18
  3. Headless UI v2.0.0-alpha
  4. TypeScript v5.3

Catalyst Component Library


Modern, early application UI kit with Tailwind CSS, Headless UI, and React

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