Shuffle Tailwind Editor


Drag & drop website editor for Tailwind CSS with 6k+ Tailwind components

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Details About Shuffle Tailwind Editor
Key points:
  • Tailwind V3
  • Code Export
  • Code Editor
  • Design Templates
  • Unlimited Export
  • Plugin support
  • Auto Deploy


Shuffle Tailwind Library offers over 50 UI templates and 7,500+ components designed with Tailwind CSS. It's ideal for developers needing a robust, customizable tool to build responsive websites quickly.

Features ✨

Shuffle Tailwind Library comes with a powerful code editor and following features:

  • 37+ pre-designed Tailwind templates
  • Drag and drop code editor
  • VS Code Extension
  • Monthly and Annual payment options are available
  • 37+ templates in HTML, React, and Pu on top of Tailwind CSS
  • Fully responsive
  • Marketing UI templates
  • Admin & Dashboard & E-Commerce UI template libraries included
  • Some templates support other CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma, Material-UI

Included Templates  🧩

When you subscribe to a Shuffle plan, you can access the drag-and-drop Tailwind website builder, 37+ Tailwind templates, and UI libraries.

Shuffle Code Editor to edit components and templates

Landing Page Templates

Tailwind website templates to help you build multipurpose marketing websites.

Admin & Dashboard Tailwind Templates

Tailwind dashboard templates to create web apps and admin panels.

E-Commerce Tailwind Templates

Tailwind e-commerce templates to create custom stores.

Pros and Cons

Pros ✅

  • Pre-built admin and landing page UI templates
  • It comes with an online builder
  • No export limit
  • Simple documentation
  • New UI libraries come to Shuffle library regularly
  • You can directly export your code to Github, making it easy to publish your site on Vercel, Render or Netlify.
  • Support other frameworks (Bootstrap, Bulma, Material UI)

Cons ⚠️

  • Limited to exporting in popular frameworks like Next.js or Astro
  • HTML templates are just static pages. You have to add .js code (Alpine.js, etc.) on your own. (except Flow Template)
  • Not all templates come with a .figma file

💬 What people say? helped to step up from no-code to low-code world. I couldn't have created many landing pages and CTA Examples without it. It also helped me to understand CSS principles better.

Yucel F. Sahan

Pricing 💰

  • Monthly: $24/month for individual accounts
  • Annual: $99/year for individual accounts
  • Lifetime: $249 one-time payment for individual accounts
  • Team plans are also available with varied pricing


Who is Shuffle Tailwind Editor for?

An annual subscription is ideal for individuals engaged in multiple projects throughout the year. It ensures consistent and continuous access to the editor, making it a practical choice for frequent users.

Is there syntax highlighting in Shuffle's code editor?

Shuffle's built-in code editor supports syntax highlighting, making it easier to write and review your Tailwind CSS and HTML code.

Do I need to know coding to use Shuffle Tailwind Library?

Basic coding knowledge is beneficial but not necessary. Shuffle's drag-and-drop interface simplifies the design process, making it accessible even for those with limited coding skills.

Can I integrate version control with Shuffle Tailwind Library?

After exporting your code from Shuffle, you can integrate it with any version control system like Git to manage and track changes.