Launch Fast SaaS Boilerplate


Launch your apps in hours with Astro, Next.js and SvelteKit boilerplates.

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Details About Launch Fast SaaS Boilerplate
Key points:
  • Tailwind V3
  • Code Export

The ready to deploy boilerplate with Astro, Stripe, TailwindCSS, Resend, and Upstash with all the stuff you need to get your product in front of customers. From idea to production in 3 minutes.

LaunchFast SaaS Boilerplate Features

SEO, Analytics, Storage, Auth, Payments, and Email starter at your fingertips, in a click.

  1. Mutliple Languages
  2. User Authentication Methods
  3. Measuring Analytics
  4. Accepting Payments
  5. File(s) and Document(s) Storage
  6. Sending Emails
  7. Serverless Databases and Rate Limiting
  8. In-Built HTML-First Components
  9. Deployment Platforms
  10. Integrations on-demand
  11. Priority Support
  12. And many, many more

Your Time-Saving Web Development Boilerplate(s)

Save lot of time using baked-in countless integrations, API Routes, and components to send emails, login users, protect routes, track user events, accept payments worldwide, let user upload files, capture waitlists, start supporting customers and more ✨

  1. JavaScript
  2. TypeScript
  3. Google OAuth2
  4. Email and Password (+ Verification Flow)
  5. Protected Routes
  6. Admin Functionality
  7. Pirsch Analytics
  8. PostHog Analytics
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Lemon Squeezy
  11. Stripe
  12. Firebase
  13. In-Built GET and POST API Routes
  14. In-Built Upload Component
  15. SMTP2Go
  16. Resend
  17. In-Built GET and POST API Routes
  18. Upstash (Redis)
  19. In-Built Rate Limiter
  20. Crisp Customer Support
  21. Clipboard Utility
  22. Capturing Waitlist
  23. Cross-Platform Testimonials
  24. Prefetching for Instant Transitions
  25. Beautiful Footer
  26. Google Fonts
  27. Divider / Seperator
  28. And more
  29. Vercel
  30. Netlify
  32. Any Node.js Deployment Platform