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Discover premium and free Nuxt.js templates built with Tailwind CSS. Get hand-selected Nuxt components and libraries in your Nuxt project.

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Preline UI HOT

Open-source set of prebuilt UI components based on the utility-first Tailwind CSS.



You can find answers for commonly asked questions about templates.

1. What is Nuxt.js and why is it used?

Nuxt.js is a framework for building Vue.js applications. It simplifies development with features like server-side rendering, static site generation, and powerful configuration options, making it great for creating performant and SEO-friendly web applications.

2. Can Nuxt.js be used for static site generation?

Yes, Nuxt.js supports static site generation (SSG). You can generate a static site by running. "npm run generate" will pre-render your pages as static HTML, improving performance and SEO.