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About Wicked Tailwind Template Bundle

Explore our extensive collection of 10+ Tailwind UI Kits, Starter Templates, and Landing Page Templates. Elevate your web development projects with our versatile selection of Tailwind CSS templates and bundles. Perfect for creating stunning HTML websites with ease using the power of Tailwind CSS. Discover the possibilities with our comprehensive Tailwind template collection.

Introducing our collection of Tailwind UI Kits and Templates:

Tailwind UI Kits:

  1. Shadow UI Kit
  2. Harmony UI Kit
  3. Monotone UI Kit

Tailwind Templates

  1. Shadow Starter
  2. Harmony Starter
  3. Monotone Starter
  4. Noir Starter
  5. Clarity Starter
  6. Betamax Starter
  7. Nemo Starter
  8. Podcaster Starter

Features of every Template & UI Kit:

  1. Built with Tailwind version 3+
  2. Thoroughly documented
  3. Fully responsive
  4. Includes organized HTML files with a neat folder structure
  5. Source files are included in the src folder, utilizing handlebars templating, partials, and includes
  6. Basic Webpack build pipeline for compiling into the HTML dist files
  7. Ready for deployment on any static web hosting platform

Wicked Tailwind Template Bundle


10+ Tailwind UI Kits & Starter and landing page templates

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  • 🚀 Responsive Design
  • 🚀 Tailwind CSS v3.0+
  • 🚀 Documentation
  • 🚀 Dark Mode



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