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About Elstar - React Tailwind Admin Template

ElstarΒ is a complete React admin template with developer experience friendly & highly scalable, it comes with a complete set of UI components meticulously crafted with Tailwind CSS & React Hooks, it fulfilled most of the use case to create modern and beautiful UI and application

Elstar offers several themes and layout options that allow you to update the style of your application in no time, it also supports dark theme & multiple locales including RTL languages.

Elstar has built-in working functionality pages, routing configuration, app configuration and auth features. It also includes a lot of reusable bottom & upper-level components which let you kickstart any project quickly.

NOTE:Β This is a React based template, it required at least an entry-level of Javascript(ES6), React, Redux, Tailwind to use this template.


  1. Latest version React
  2. Create React App
  3. TailwindCSS
  4. React hooks based architecture
  5. Redux toolkits
  6. React router 6
  7. REST Api integration ready
  8. Prebuild Tailwind components
  9. Light & Dark mode
  10. Multiple layouts variation
  11. Multiple theme colors pptions
  12. Fully Responsive
  13. Flexible Layout
  14. In built practical demo
  15. i18n
  16. RTL Support
  17. Trusted Support
  18. Constantly Updates
  19. Well Documented
  20. And many more…

Elstar - React Tailwind Admin Template


27+ page admin UI components with React and Tailwind CSS

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  • πŸš€ Responsive Design
  • πŸš€ Tailwind CSS v3.0+
  • πŸš€ Documentation
  • πŸš€ Custom Color Palette
  • πŸš€ Dark Mode
  • πŸš€ JavaScript Plugin
  • πŸš€ Custom .config



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