Chai Builder - Tailwind CSS Page Builder


Chai Builder is a Tailwind CSS website builder to build with a drag-drop builder.

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Details About Chai Builder - Tailwind CSS Page Builder
Key points:
  • Tailwind V3
  • Code Export
  • Code Editor
  • Unlimited Export
  • Auto Deploy


Export anything from your page. Be a single element or an entire page. HTML blocks for Laravel, Rails, & Web Frameworks React/Vue components, Full page as .html file or framework specific code.

Drag / Drop builder

Drag & drop blocks inside the builder to create the layout you want. Speed up design with move, add, remove, clone functionality

Granular Control

Take full control to the last pixel. Use your preferred units i.e, px, em, rem etc to create the pixel perfect design across devices

Light & Dark Version

You can create you page for light & dark mode. Its as simple as switching to dark mode & defining colors

Multilingual Support

Create your page in multiple languages. Add content in multiple languages & switch between them without changing the layout


Mix and match them to create a unique experience. Its as simple as choosing the animation from the list.

Global Blocks

Global blocks are great way to reuse blocks across pages. Editing global blocks ( Nav, Footer etc) reflects on all pages containing it.